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VW Transporter Policie 2015

Our own special service vehicles

Since more crime related projects are being filmed lately and it is not possible to rent a police car from the Police of the Czech Republic, we have several of our own. Currently it is several vehicles Skoda Octavia Policie, silver colour, recent and older versions, recently we added also new Hyundai Tucson. We are offering also silver police VW Transporter with blue-orange stickers and the newest flashing lights from the company, Whelen, as has been used by the police of the Czech Republic since autumn 2015. We further offer a VW Transporter in the older white-green design with flashing lights from the company, Holmý. All equipment (stickers, flashing lights) are magnetic and installation only takes several minutes. Therefore, it is possible to move around to more locations during filming without any problems or to turn the car into a civilian car. We also have our own accompanying and police motorcycles. Our database also includes tens of other police and company cars. The vehicles are provided along with a professional driver, who knows the topic of the film, the work of the police and the emergency divisions very well. The driver has the necessary experience for riding accompanying and police motorcycles. We also have our own uniforms and motorcycle apparel for most of the vehicles offered.

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